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What They're Saying

Huge win for Baltimore.

Nick J. Mosby | Delegate

Still, it’s hard not to be filled with optimism that the seemingly impossible task of keeping the Preakness in Baltimore is actually going to happen. That’s no small thing. The economic value of the race has been pegged at more than $50 million a year. But it’s really bigger than that. How wonderful it has been to see Baltimore host this nationally televised event and see the city at the center of a festive celebration and not merely defending itself from the latest ill-considered White House taunts over whether it’s fit for human habitation?

Baltimore Sun Editorial Board

These are transformative plans for the racing industry in Maryland and will benefit all of the stakeholders in the industry and the communities that surround the facilities. I want to thank the Mayor and the Maryland horse industry, along with County Executives Pittman and Olszewski, for this important and cooperative effort. I look forward to working with them and State leaders as they review these historic plans.

Belinda Stronach | Chairman and President of The Stronach Group

I am delighted by what I have seen in these plans. They are not only thoughtful, but visionary. If these plans are approved, I am confident that Laurel Park will become the model for racing and training facilities in the country.

Steuart Pittman, Jr. | Anne Arundel County Executive

The horse racing and breeding industries are an important part of Baltimore County’s economy and history. I am very pleased by this historic agreement and these forward-thinking plans. I look forward to working with our leaders in Annapolis to further Baltimore County’s interests in these discussions.

John Olszewski, Jr. | Baltimore County Executive

I’m honored to have been involved in this project, and I thank the Mayor and Belinda for their vision and commitment to Maryland racing. If approved, and I hope it will be, this plan will establish Maryland as the epicenter of thoroughbred racing in the United States and enhance Maryland’s growing breeding industry.

Alan M. Foreman | Representative for the Maryland thoroughbred Industry

The Plan we present today is not just about racing, it’s also about communities and the trajectory of our City. The Pimlico plans will accelerate the revitalization of Park Heights by at least a decade.

William H. Cole | Representative for the City of Baltimore

As someone who was born and raised in Park Heights, I'm thrilled the Preakness will stay in Northwest Baltimore and Pimlico will become more open to the community all year round. Thank you to everyone involved who came together to make this happen.

Brandon M. Scott | City Council President

This is a historic moment. The Preakness Stakes® is an important part of the City’s legacy and future. Today we submitted a Ietter on behalf of the City, The Stronach Group, the Maryland horsemen and County Executives Pittman and Olszewski to our leaders in Annapolis, which we hope they will find to be as thoughtful, significant and important as do we. By these recommendations, if approved, we can preserve the Preakness Stakes® at Pimlico for generations to come and move forward with our redevelopment plans for the Park Heights community, Sinai Hospital and the Northern Parkway corridor. I could not be any more pleased, excited or proud. And, I want to thank Ms. Belinda Stronach for her vision and unwavering commitment to the City, the State and the racing industry.

Jack Young | Baltimore Mayor